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Science Holds The Key For All The Answers

Science holds the key for all the answers in our lives. It's very important that we take science seriously. Especially, in the era of pandemics - we must now come together stronger than ever. And in doing so we must show a sense of scientific understanding with together and in our communities. But what things can we do to spread the message that science is the most important thing these days - not politics. Not what people want to hear that are involved in politics and people that think that science is not real such as some religious groups. But let's no dwell on that - Let's take a look at some of the things we can buy that can literally show people what we believe in. I found a few good examples on a site called geeky tee shirts.

On this site I found some interesting t-shirts that I thought were funny and intelligent at the same time. For example if you go to the science tee shirts section you can see the following shirt design which reads 'opinions only exist because of a lack of data'.

There's also a good post written on the topic of data which can as in the funny t-shirt above, reads only exists because of a huge lack of data that can in turn make a funny joke - but also be of concern, and worry for the many. There's an important point to raise here that science should come above politics in my opinion because although what I'm saying is just an opinion - It's fact and science fact that truly matter most for the survival of the human race moving forward.

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